The Summer Season

Well, the long days of summer are here! Annuals, Perennials and a wide selection of Ornamentals are in full bloom. The warm soils and humid days create rapid growth for many plants. Things happen fast in summer, so it is important to periodically check the gardens to enjoy nature’s beauty and trouble shoot potential pests! These four W’s will help you better manage this season in the gardens.

Water is essential for life, and each plant requires different applications. Irrigating early in the morning prevents high levels of evaporation, reduces heat stress on plants and prevents fungus and disease buildup in evenings. Water long enough to encourage deeper root growth. Try not to incur runoff for this wastes water and washes away good nutrients. Drip irrigation is a great way to water as under watering does. Watch the plants and let them tell you how much they need.

Nutrients come in a variety of forms. Fertilizers and Organic material are a great source of nutrients. Compost, Worm, Castings, Tea Compotes, Humus and a variety of other organics help build good soils for plants. Fertilizers, minerals and other granular or liquid nutrients can be applied for quicker results. Mulches tend to keep moisture in and weed out. Aeration is a good way to provide needed oxygen to soils. A good balance is needed for long term health of both soils and plants.

Weeds germinate quickly in warm humid soils, so keep a close watch on these. Pull weeds or apply appropriate controls of herbicides as needed. Not all weeds are bad. Some like wild violas and clover can provide an attractive ground cover, while keeping moisture in and provide nutrients as they decompose.

Keep an eye out for plants in distress. When plants begin showing signs of stress, check the soil for moisture content, funguses and other pest. Check the stems, leaves and trunk for insects, borers, diseases or wounds in tissue. Quick detection allows for rapid response.

Watch to enjoy the gardens as well this summer! Fountains, pools pergolas, trellises and large trees provide a cooling effect and extend outdoor recreation. Birds, butterflies and all types of creatures provide entertainment as they flutter through the gardens . Slow down and take note of the beautiful flowers and foliage, the lush colors after a good soaking rain.

God displays His beauty for all to see!
Don’t let the simple pleasures of summer pass you by.

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